The Issues

My main goals are the development of our commercial property, the reduction of dependency on residential tax income, and to provide more transparency of our city’s government to the citizens.

The current council approved on 9/20/2016 an increase for citizen’s water bills by 18.8% with the following year increasing by at least another 5.2%. An increase of 24% of our citizen’s water bills is unacceptable. That means if your average bill is $150 per month this will be an increase of $432 a year. Better planning of the infrastructure and the budget of our utilities could have prevented these increases. We cannot allow our city to run any department in a deficit, eventually it will always catch up to us and the citizens are the ones who have to pay for the negligence of the city council.

As many have noticed, city council has allowed a multistory self-storage building to be erected on Keller Parkway. This lot was prime commercial property with fantastic potential for sales income. Instead of a facility that would generate a large healthy income for the city, an eye sore was chosen that now not only ruins the lot it is constructed on but also the surrounding commercial lots. The storage facility should have been built in a light industrial zone. This is prime commercial real estate that was allowed to be wasted by the City Council.